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Design Showroom & Selection Center

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If you’re thinking about a kitchen, bath or remodel upgrade of any kind, our design showroom is a great place to start.

Our design showroom has a unique variety you won’t find at big box stores or warehouses.

This allows you to make many of your design decisions in one place, where you can see everything together. This helps you rest assured you have the right decisions for your remodel.


You can select from flooring, tile, plumbing fixtures, carpet, countertops, cabinets, handles, and much more in our design showroom.

We are not just remodelers, we also sell materials and get extensive training that exceeds what most contractors get. If you have questions about how long something lasts, maintenance schedules, or cleaning products, they have the answers.


When you’re ready, use the 3D visualization screen to see your remodel before you decide. You can also view hundreds of photos of remodels to get more ideas.

The Floor To Ceiling designers will help you get the right look for your home and ensure it fits your family perfectly. There is nothing like having a home that is designed around your taste and lifestyle.

You will have a convenient, low stress remodeling experience with us. And you will know you got the right remodel as you enjoy it for many years.

The remodeling team is fast and efficient. If there is a problem or change that comes up, they have the knowledge, software and systems to handle it quickly.


Every Floor To Ceiling remodeling client gets access to a personal scheduler software system. You’ll be able to easily log in, see progress photos, task lists, calendar, and budget in a few clicks.

When your remodel is complete, the team will leave your house beautiful.

If you have any questions or concerns, the team will always be there for you ready to answer questions.



If you’re thinking about a remodel now or in the future, come by the FTC design showroom and learn how to start the perfect remodel experience today.


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